R4R-Recharge for Resiliency

Air Force services added a new tool to encourage service members and their families who are affected by deployments to participate in morale, welfare, and recreation programs and activities. The “Recharge for Resiliency” (R4R) initiative was designed to help Airmen readjust to life at home and also include families in their reintegration.

R4R can be used to reduce impact on current programs, and the initiative can be implemented as best suits each unit. ODR offers many trips for single airmen/deployed family members so they can get out and explore new and fun adventures, at a fraction of the cost!

Single airmen/deployed family members can take advantage of this program for a heavy discount depending on what the trip is. For example, here in Arizona single airmen can go skydiving for $30, whereas civilians and folks off base would have to pay around $200 to go.

Another perk for this program is you can bring another person with you, and they’ll also pay the same rate you do.

Popular Events

Tandem Skydiving

We host tandem skydiving for most of the year besides summer, and it is by far one of our most popular trips. To see when the next available skydiving trip is, give us a call!

ATV off-road Tour

This 3-hour trip takes attendees through the hills of Black Canyon, which is about an hour north of Luke AFB. This trip also offers UTV’s as well if you don’t want to use an ATV!

Explore Arizona

Our trips are designed to get Airmen out and about, staying active, while also taking advantage of all the awesome trips and things to do in Arizona, for a heavily discounted price!

Common Tours & Destinations

What you see in that video above is not all we offer! We are always looking for trips & will often ask for suggestions! If you have a trip you’d like us to offer or have general questions about the program, give us a call at 623.856.6267