Child Development Center

The Luke AFB Child Development Program is designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for children and is uniquely designed to accommodate each child’s developmental level. The programs are certified by the Department of Defense, are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and are continuously evaluated for quality and compliance with the highest of standards.

The practices of the Air Force Child Development Programs are based on current knowledge of child development and early education. We are responsible for supporting the development of the whole child, meaning all areas of development are considered inter-related and equally important. Children are valued as individuals, as well as part of a group. Likewise, our program respects and supports the ideals, cultures, and values of families in their task of nurturing children. We advocate for children, families, and the early childhood professionals within our programs.

Our Facility

The Luke AFB Child Development Center hosts daycare rooms for children ages 0-4! We have classrooms and outdoor spaces for the kids to relax and have fun in, and each classroom varies based on age!

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Upcoming Events

Month of the Military Child Parade

Every April we celebrate the Month of the Military Child!

Kinderspot - Care we can share

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