Luke AFB School Liaison Program

Dept. of the Air Force School Liaison (SLs) are the central point of contact for commanders, military families, and school districts on Preschool-12th grade school matters. They advocate for military connected students at the local, state and national level.

Our Mission

The School Liaison Program is committed to outreach, advocacy, and partnership initiatives that generate real-time solutions for military-connected students as they face global educational challenges and transitions.

Who We Serve

Active Duty, DoD Civilians, Retirees, Guard and Reserve

Eligible family members to include NOAA, USPHS, Foreign national employees and contractors assigned to the installation.

Student Focused..... Partnership Driven

  • Education Community Partnerships
  • Local School Navigation
  • Military Interstate Compact Compliance
  • Special Education Navigation
  • College, Career and Military Readiness
  • Grants and Scholarships
  • Professional Development
  • Transition Support
  • Parent Workshops/Resources for Military-Connected Students
  • Transition Support

Special Needs/EFMP Resources

Luke AFB has partnership with Raising Special Kids in Arizona. This organization exists to improve the lives of children with the full range of disabilities, from birth to age 26, by providing support, training, information and individual assistance so families can become effective advocates for their children.

To learn more, call 602.242.4366.

The 7 C's of The School Liaison Program

  • Connecting schools, families, and communities to meet the unique needs of PreK-12 military-connected students
  • Cultivating communication pathways between families, schools, community stakeholders, and the military
  • Customizing real-time solutions for military-connected students facing transitional barriers and educational gaps
  • Collaborating with community stakeholders to build a platform for enhanced educational opportunities and partnerships
  • Comprehensive professional development for educators to understand the military lifestyle
  • Constructing a network of extensive resources for building resilient communities
  • Creating a system of support for military-connected students experiencing parental deployment or separation