Arts & Crafts Center

The Arts & Crafts Center is the place to go for any custom gift or creation you’re needing. From plaques and awards to custom framing and engraving, our staff is always on hand to bring your vision to life. We also have a wood shop with CNC router available for custom design!


Tap into your creativity

Stop by today to create a special, one-of-a-kind gift for your friends or loved ones.

Custom Framing

The expert staff at the Framing Shop will create custom-made frames to protect your cherished memories everything from military lithos for going aways and retirements to an assortment of personal items to include hockey pucks, theatre programs, handkerchiefs, football jerseys, knives, WWII memorabilia…to name just a few!

Awards Creation

We can create a variety of different awards! Give us a call or come in to see what options we have available!


We can customize any plaque to match your needs, or even work on something you bring in to us!


We offer a variety of laser engraving services, to include laser-etched plaques, metal plates, wine boxes, metal thermal water bottles, name plates, etc. We are a great source for quarterly and annual awards. We can even personalize items brought in by our customers as our laser can engrave wood, metal, slate and flat glass surfaces.

Wood Shop

Our wood shop is one of the few in the entire Air Force! We have a professional in shop all times to help with anything! We do not supply material so please bring your own! The wood shop is open Friday and Saturday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM

CNC Router

Our CNC router will bring your graphic to life, with perfect precision every time. Want a parting gift for someone PCSing? Or a fun gift for a special event? Come in and chat with us!

Customizable Gifts

Everything you see here in this picture is customizable, but so is literally everything else in our shop!


Custom logos, messages, texts, whatever you want, we can do it!