Bryant Fitness Center

We supply all of the tools, machines, events, competitions, and training for you to get in and stay in the best shape of your life! We also offer personal training and fitness classes to help you meet your goals! 

We have two gyms on base: The Bryant Fitness Center/PT Tent, and the fitness center annex. Both gyms are open from 6am-6pm but we do allow 24/7 access as well. Ask us how! 

Our Services

Full Sized Gym

Two rooms: A cardio room full of treadmills, stair steppers, bike machines, rowing machines, and more. The other room is full of machines, free weights, a squat rack, and more!

Basketball Court

Our full size basketball court can also be split into two separate courts! Tournaments, pickup games, 3 point contests, and much more are held here!

Combat PT Tent

For intense workouts and training, our combat PT tent is ready for the hardest of workouts, including our warrior workouts, and crossfit!

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Smoothie/Protein Bar

Kathys Korner serves up protein shakes, smoothies, and coffee to get your day started!


Our sauna is a great way to cleanse your body of toxins, and relax after an intense workout. Due to COVID protocols, it is currently closed.

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Massage Therapy

Enjoy a relaxing massage from our masseuse!

Join us for Fitness Classes

The Bryant Fitness Center hosts fitness classes for FREE! Many of these classes include: Yoga, Tobata, Cardio Kickboxing, Running Improvement, HIIT, and more!

Looking for more intense workouts? Check out our Combat PT Tent!


If you have questions about our gyms, monthly 5ks, competitions, or seasonal sports, please give us a call!

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